Friday, 31 March 2017

My Space Research Project Proposal

We will be researching space exploration (technology or a new discovery).  You can choose any topic to research and present your findings.  This booklet will help you plan your research.  The project is in English.  You must come up with a “non-googleable” Big Question to help guide your research. 

1) This is what I already know about this topic:

2) I want to learn more about:


Here are the materials and resources that I think I will need:

 Ideas for presenting:
·        Power Point
·        Prezi
·        Movie
·        Blog or website
·        Diorama
·        Poster
·        Write a report
·        Give a speech
·        Write an article or make a brochure

Before the due date, I have completed the following:

·        My Big Question and my Project Proposal are complete
·        My research is complete
·        My work is complete
·        My presentation is complete
·        My bibliography and materials are handed in
·        I have double-checked the rubric and outcomes

Space Research Project Evaluation
1=D                 2=C                 3=B                             4=A

v I can evaluate past, current, and possible future contributions of space exploration programs including space probes and human spaceflight, which support living and working in the inner solar system.

v I can use inquiry to extend understanding of space exploration as follows:
o    generate key research questions to guide inquiry and seek required information  data from a variety of sources (e.g., observations, interviews, print, electronic, and video resources)
o    create and follow a plan to collect and record information within a pre-established frame
o    assess completeness and relevance of ideas and information
o    cite more than one source, when appropriate (Use two to three informational sources to research an assigned topic.)
o    identify gaps in information and collect and gather additional information
o    relate gathered information to prior knowledge to reach conclusion and develop point of view
o    recognize and avoid plagiarism
o    use the language of inquiry (e.g., “I wonder if….”, ‘What do I want to find out?’, ‘What do I need to do next?’).

Class Work Evaluation


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