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French Independent Novel Study

French Independent Novel Study

Your Task:  Based on the novel you chose to read for the individual novel study unit, you will choose one of the following projects to complete as your final project.

Important Dates:

Finish reading novel : May 10      

Outline/Plan project : May 15              /20
-tu remets les notes et les plans pour ton projet
-tu discutes avec 2 amis qui offrent des suggestions et signent ton plan

Conference with Mme Sweeney :May 23             /20  (voir la rubrique)     
–Tu apportes les matériels pour ton projet.  Tu discutes ton progrès, ton plan pour terminer, tes choix, et tes difficultés.

Final project : May 29                  /100 (voir la rubrique)

Presentation: May 29                            /10
-En 5 minutes ou moins, tu présentes ton projet à la classe. 

Project Choices:

1) Novel Museum
You will construct a 3D museum (mini) filled with artifacts relevant to your novel.  The museum will be a literary ‘tour’ of your novel:  characters, key events, setting, objects and items from the novel, etc.  You can pick certain scenes from the novel to highlights as special exhibits in your museum, or you can have the museum be a general “walk through” the novel. You will write a two page summary of your museum and reasons for the artifacts inside.

2) Novel Board Game
You will design and create a board game about your novel.  Your board game will have a printed list of clear instructions (“how to play”) and feature questions and content specifically related to the novel. Your questions about the novel will be broken down into different question categories, and you will use a variety of question formats:  T/F, multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blanks, etc. You will write a two-page summary of your board game and explain your design and content choices.

3) Novel Movie
You will turn your novel into a movie.  You will write a professional proposal for the movie:  genre, plot, choice actors, setting, target audience, etc.  In your proposal, you will discuss which scenes you’ve altered/changed from the novel to the film, and explain your reasons for doing so. You will also select songs for the movie soundtrack and write a brief explanation for your choices.  Finally, you will design the movie promotional poster.

4) Graphic Novel

You will rewrite your novel with illustrations using the comic book format.  Your graphic novel will tell the story from beginning to end, using accurate information about key characters, events, situations, conflicts and issues from the novel.  Your illustrations will be in colour, or if black and white, great detail in shading must be used.  Each illustration will be accompanied by written text (captions) that are at least 3-4 sentences.

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