Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Grade 5 Writing Assignment - French

A Game

A game is a form of play or sport that involves activity and is entertaining. Games are often competitive and are played according to rules. The winner of a game can be decided by skill, strength, or luck.
Think of a game you play―it can be a game played at school, with your family, by yourself, with friends, or on a team.

Explain how you play your game. Include the reasons why each part of this game  has importance. Clearly explain so the readers have all the information they need,  to understand your game.

Topic: My explanation of a game. Think about this topic:

How can you explain the parts of the process?
Organize your explanation in a logical sequence.
Explain the reasons why each part of the process is important.

1) Pre-writing using a graphic organizer provided by Mme Sweeney
2) Write your draft on GoogleDocs and share with Mme Sweeney - due January 18th
3) Editing with Mme Sweeney
4) Final copy - due ???

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