Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Procedural Writing Assignment (Grade 5/6)

Procedural Writing

Over the next few weeks, you will be writing and publishing a procedural text.  
Procedural texts give detailed step-by-step information about a process or procedure. 

Purpose of this unit:
-To practice the writing process
-To practice sequencing information logically
-To incorporate the following language features:
            -appropriate terminology
            -time linking words
            -precise adverbs and adjectives
            -simple present tense
            -appropriate headings
-To incorporate the following organizational features:

Step 1: Pre-Writing: DUE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th
Brainstorm your topic for procedural writing.  Choose a topic that is important to you (e.g. something you like to draw, making a simple craft, etc.).  Complete your graphic organizer. 

Step 2: Revision
Use the “Checklist for Procedural Texts” to make sure that you have included all of the important features.

Step 3: 1st Draft: DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th
Use your graphic organizer to create a guide to create your first draft of your procedural text.  Your draft will include a sketch of the photo you plan to take as well as the writing you will include. 

Step 4: Editing
Using the “Peer Editing Checklist”, have a peer check your writing.

Step 5: Final Draft DUE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th
Using feedback from your peer editor, publish a Snapguide free of spelling and grammatical errors that clearly follows the text features and language features of a procedural text.

Step 6: Oral Presentation DUE THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19th
Practice speaking clearly and at an appropriate volume.  Make sure to look at your audience.  Introduce your topic and end with a conclusion.  (“So, yeah, that’s it” is not an appropriate way to end a presentation.)  Finally, use your Snapguide to present your procedure to the class. 

You will be evaluated on the following:
Grade 5 Outcomes:
CC5.1: Compose and create a range of texts in a variety of ways
CC5.4: Writing process
CC5.3: Presentation (Speaking)
CC5.2: Presentation of Snapguide

Grade 6 Outcomes:
CC6.1  : Create various visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts
CC6.4: Create/present representations that inform, persuade, and entertain
CC6.7: Experiment with a variety of text forms and techniques
CC6.3: Spelling & grammar
CC6.2: Writing process
CC6.4, CC6.6: Presentation of Snapguide

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