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French Novel Study - Detailed Project Descriptions

Novel Museum
Assignment Expectations

You will construct a 3D museum (mini) filled with artifacts relevant to your novel.  The museum will be a literary ‘tour’ of your novel:  characters, key events, setting, objects and items from the novel, etc.  You will write a brief summary of your museum and reasons for the artifacts inside.

It is expected that your novel museum will be:
·       3D – made out of a shoebox or a box of similar size
·       at least three walls
·       a miniature representation
·       filled with a variety of different kinds of things, like mini-portraits, books, objects from your novel, a map of your setting, exhibits and displays from your novel, etc.
·       mostly handmade and constructed by you (in other words – don’t buy little figurines from the dollar store and just glue them in)
·       fully decorated floor and walls
·       colourful

Written Summary
Along with your 3D museum, you will write a two page (or more) summary explaining some of the best artifacts in your novel, why you chose them, and how they relate specifically to the novel, characters, themes, etc.  You need to use the summary to show off just how much you know about your book and explain the logic for all of your choices in constructing the museum. 

How to Make the Outline for this project
The outline is worth 20 marks and is very important.  Follow these instructions for your outline and make sure you hand your outline in on time.
1.   Make a brainstorm web about all the possible things you can put inside your museum.  You should have A LOT of ideas here!!
2.   Pick the best ideas on your brainstorm web and write a short reason why you are using each of them.
3.   Make a list of things you have to make for your museum and write an explanation beside each of how you are planning to make them.
4.   Sketch a rough draft of what you are going to put in your museum and where it will go.

Novel Movie
Assignment Expectations

You will turn your novel into a movie.  You will write a proposal for the movie.  You will also select songs for the movie soundtrack and write a brief explanation for your choices.  Finally, you will design the movie promotional poster.

Movie Proposal:
In a typed two page (minimum) proposal you will suggest a plan to convert your novel into a movie.  Include a cover page.  Your proposal should be formatted with the following headings:

Name of Movie:  You can choose the same name as the novel or a new movie name, but either way you will write three or four sentences explaining why you choose this name and how it is ‘fitting’ for your movie’s title.

Movie Genre:  A few sentences explaining what genre of movie this is and why you think so.  (Horror, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Action, etc.)

Lead Actors:  For each of your main characters, you will pick an actor to play their role in the movie.  Give a brief paragraph summary of each of the main characters from the novel, indicate which actor you want to play each character’s role, and give an explanation of why you have picked each actor (how are they a good fit for the character?)

Target Audience:  In one paragraph, explain the target market for the film.  What is their age?  gender? job?  income? interests?  lifestyle?  Why will this group of people find your movie appealing?

Setting:  In one paragraph, explain the main setting (time and place)for the movie, as well as any other locations the movie will take place in.  Is this movie set in the present-day?  past? future? What locations?  country? Explain how these settings relate to the novel.

Plot:  In two paragraphs, write a plot summary of all the main/key events of the movie. You can make changes from the plot of the novel, but if you do, be sure to explain how you changed the storyline from the novel and explain why you did.

Movie Soundtrack:  Make a list of at least five songs and the song-artists who sing them for your movie soundtrack.  These songs should have a clear connection to the theme/moral message of your novel and appeal to your target audience.  For each song, write one or two sentences explaining why you chose it.

Promotional Poster:
You will design the promotional poster for your movie.  The poster should be on white paper or construction paper, and include your movie’s name, the main actors names, a slogan or catch-phrase to capture people’s interest in the movie, and an image/drawing that is coloured.

How to Make the Outline for this project
The outline is worth 20 marks and is very important.  Follow these instructions for your outline and make sure you hand your outline in on time.
1.   Re-create this chart on a piece of lined paper and fill it in with your brainstorming ideas.  Your chart should take up a full page and include a lot of draft written ideas.

Proposal Heading
Reason Why


Choice Actors

Target Audience



Movie Soundtrack

2.   On a piece of blank paper, sketch the promotional poster you want to make.

Graphic Novel
Assignment Expectations

You will rewrite your novel with illustrations using the comic book format.  Your graphic novel will tell the story from beginning to end, using accurate information about key characters, events, situations, conflicts and issues from the novel. 

It is expected that your graphic novel will have:
·       a title page with the author and illustrator’s names
·       at least 5 full pages OR 25 text/illustration boxes
·       highly detailed, considerate, colourful drawings
·       typed or very neatly written text
·       text captions written underneath each drawing, explaining the action in the drawing
·       written in full complete sentences and adhere to all spelling and grammar rules
·       dialogue bubbles for the characters to speak, where appropriate
·       dream bubbles to represent the characters’ silent inner thoughts

It is not necessary that you include every single event from your novel’s storyline in your graphic novel.  You have to carefully pick and choose what events are most important in the novel and convert them into the graphic novel format.   To do this, you must consider what makes a key event in a story:
1.  Shows the reader more info about a character
2.  Moves the storyline along
3.  Creates or resolves conflict
4.  Reveals theme

How to Make the Outline for this project
The outline is worth 20 marks and is very important.  Follow these instructions for your outline and make sure you hand your outline in on time.
1.   Make list of as many events from the story as you can (25+), in chronological order
2.   From those, pick the 10-15 most important of those events and edit your list
3.   Re-create the following table onto your own paper and brainstorm to fill in it for ALL 10-15 key events from the novel:

Key Event
Why it is important
How to represent it in the graphic novel format




Novel Board Game
Assignment Expectations

You will design and create a board game about your novel.  Your board game will have a printed list of clear instructions (“how to play”) and feature questions and content specifically related to the novel. 

It is expected that your novel board game will have:
·       a game name that is appropriate
·       suggested players’ ages
·       a large game board that is well designed and decorated and visually appealing
·       capacity for 2-6 players
·       at minimum 20 game cards with trivia questions from the novel, in their own container
·       trivia questions in assorted formats
·       board game pieces and designs that directly connect to the novel
·       typed or very neatly written text on the trivia questions and anywhere else you have text
·       a list of typed printed instructions for how to play the game, one page

Printed Instructions
The instructions should very clearly, step by step, explain how to play the game.  The instructions should be numerated in order of each step and written in full complete sentences.  The instructions should be printed on white paper.

How to Make the Outline for this project
The outline is worth 20 marks and is very important.  Follow these instructions for your outline and make sure you hand your outline in on time.
1.   Brainstorm a list of draft 20 questions and answers for the trivia questions
2.   Outline the draft playing rules and instructions
3.   Sketch the game board design and layout

Novel Guide
Assignment Expectations

You will write the student’s study guide to accompany the novel.  Your guide will help struggling student readers to better understand what is happening in the novel.  Your novel guide should be typed, or very neatly printed!

It is expected that your novel guide will have the following, each on their own page:
·       a creative title page
·       one-two pages all about the main characters (summarize at least three characters in one or two paragraphs each:  their age, gender, physical characteristics, likes/dislikes, values, personality traits, interests, etc.)
·       one plot diagram outlining all the key events from the novel, in chronological order (and the plot diagram is properly labeled)
·       one or two paragraphs describing the setting
·       a list of key vocabulary words that may be unclear or too difficult for readers.  You should have at least 10 words from the novel, the chapter or page number where they are found, and the definitions
·       10 short answer discussion questions (and suggested answers) to test readers and make sure they understand what is important in the novel.  Your questions should center on:
§  the characters and changes the characters go through
§  reasons why characters do what they do and conflicts they have
§  the setting and how it is important for the story
§  what happens in the plot and what is important
§  the theme or moral lessons in the novel
(questions should not have “yes” or “no” answers)

How to Make the Outline for this project
The outline is worth 20 marks and is very important.  Follow these instructions for your outline and make sure you hand your outline in on time.
1.   Make a brainstorm web about each of your main characters in order to create the character profiles.  List as many words and ideas as you can to describe each character.
2.   Make a draft list of all the key events from your story and then create a large plot diagram to place the events on
3.   Look up several words from your novel that you could use as vocabulary words and make a list
4.   Draft your discussion questions.  Pretend you are writing a test about the novel and you want to make sure your readers both read the novel and understood what they read.  What kind of questions will you ask to make sure they understand?

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