Monday, 31 October 2016


Launch a Rocket
The sky is not the limit” – Chris Hadfield

Our class is participating in a competition called Launch-a-Rocket.  Four rockets from our class will be invited to attend the City Wide Competition being held at the U of R gym on November 24th2016 from 1-3pm.  Objects will be judged based on longest flight time.  

Our class competition will take place at lunch on November 9th in the gym.

Competition Rules
Students will develop a rocket system including:
-a launcher,
-and a parachute
No component can be predesigned for their function.
For example: Pre-made rockets, slingshots, parachutes (Think recycling bin!)

Launcher: Must be on the floor and only powered by elastic material. Rocket must be able to be launched in a gym/indoors
·       Student set up
·       Student must launch by your launching mechanism that is on the floor
·       Will not damage the floor
·       Maximum launching mechanism height 1.8 meters
·       Must be able to be launched multiple times – at city wide each project will have 3 trials with times being averaged
·       No chemical or compressed gas may be used for launching
·       Parachute criteria - must cause drag

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